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Key Concerns

Wealth Preservation

The first key concern for most investors is accumulating a strong financial foundation.  The goal of wealth preservation starts with targeting the most suitable investment returns. The affluent are concerned about losing their wealth.  No one is immune from potential financial setbacks.  For most, it is all about having enough money to fund your lifestyle, whether simple or extravagant. 

Wealth Enhancement

The second key concern about tax mitigation: minimizing the impact of taxes on investment returns while ensuring adequate cash flow.  Income taxes, capital gains taxes, and estate taxes are high on the list of concerns for most people.  Taxes eat up a great deal of wealth.   We seek to identify where tax impacts can occur and develop strategies to mitigate taxes when and where appropriate.

Wealth Transfer

Effective wealth transfer is all about taking care of heirs.  It is about finding and facilitating the most tax-efficient way to pass to loved ones in ways that meet your wishes with minimal difficulty and cost.  Today’s tax environment is dynamic and changing.  Affluent families need to be proactive in wealth transfer planning efforts for the heirs to benefit, to the fullest extent possible. 

Wealth Protection

It is important to protect wealth against catastrophic loss, potential creditors, litigants, identity thieves and other potential risks.  We can work with your attorney to discuss legal forms of ownership, such as trusts and limited liability entities, that may help protect your wealth.  Business owners may benefit from buy-sell agreement, continuity planning and succession planning to preserve the value of an important business.

Charitable Planning

Lastly, many affluent families are looking beyond their own families to explore making meaningful gifts to charity in the most impactful way possible.  Charitable gifting comes with a unique set of challenges.  These start with the appropriate means of giving, such as direct gifts, donor-advised funds, or family foundations, and then in selecting causes and organizations that have the important to you.  We can assist you to navigate this planning process.